Our Founder

Emerald Elderly Care and Development Foundation


Ageing is inevitable.

And personally, I consider old age as the holy grail of
core human existence on earth.

The fact that people live longer into old age should be celebrated as one of the biggest success stories in history. For me, age leaves a lot more behind for us in terms of values, discipline and counsel than it actually takes away in physical indispositions.

To say the truth, caring for the elderly person requires patience, empathy and understanding, because the reality is that at old age, one isn't really getting old, but young, all over again.

It is daunting, but I feel really positive knowing that Emerald Elderly Care and Development Foundation stands as a community spirit to support each other and work together on embracing the aged and ensuring full protection, integration and participation of older persons in society.

Caring for an elderly person is an awesome responsibility and each passing day, I feel the personal conviction to do even more. I don't want these energies to be wasted. Sadly, more often than not, older people are isolated and dejected. And this is very disturbing even to our sensibilities as humans. It is said that the glory of the elderly is their insight to life. This is a tank we desire to tap into. Imagine the benefits of having a populace of emotionally stable, experienced and healthy old people – that sure makes for a fantastic resource bank!

Because we cannot live enough for one lifetime to garner all the experiences about life, this singular fact places premium on the need to cater and care for the elderly. It is the least reward we can compensate for their coverage, knowledge and counsel.

The elderlies have so much to offer. They are our link with history.
For EmECADEF, care for the elderly is not just a matter of obligation but that of accountability and responsiveness towards life and humanity. Something we are all bound to become – old.

And frankly speaking, caring for the elderly is simply just the right thing to do!