Emerald Elderly Care and Development Foundation in Collaboration with National Council of Women Socities (NCWS), National Senior Citizens Centre (NSCC), and Wama Care Foundation held a program tagged “Elderly Prayers for the Nation and Medical Outreach”, held at Arts and Culture, Area 10, FCT Abuja on the 28th of March, 2024. The program was borne out of the need to address the current state of our Nation affecting the entire populace. Also, a medical outreach was conducted to assess the health of the elderly persons from the Six Area Councils in Abuja.

The program started with registration of the participants from the Six Area Councils which include; Abaji, Gwagalada, Kuje, AMAC, Kwali, Bwari and the Disabled Community Karomagiji. 140 Participants between the age ranges of 65 – 97 years were in attendance. Upon completion of the registration, all participants were seated according to their different Area Councils.
The opening prayer was rendered by a member of the Bwari Area Council, this was followed by a welcome address by the President of the Foundation Amb (Dr) Becky Ogonnaya, who warmly welcomed all participants, she expressed her joy to see the elderly gathered in one accord to pray to God on behalf of the Nation, she stated how passionate she is about the elderly because old age is a blessing, she informed all the participants that the program was the first of many other programs to come especially the upcoming Emerald Senior Citizen’s Conference 2024, which is our annual event.

This was followed by a health talk by a Dietician, who educated the elderly about their diet and its impact on their health. Afterwards, the first prayer session was conducted by Imam Adamu Salihu who led the participants in Prayer for the Nation. There was a Cultural Dance Presentation by a Cultural troupe from Bwari Area Council after the prayer session.
At the end of this presentation, Dr. Ruqqayya Wammako, the Director at the Primary HealthCare Board (FCT-PHCB), addressed the participants and expressed her delight to be a part of a great initiative by Emerald Care and Development Foundation and the importance of regular medical check up for the Elderly persons in the community.

The second prayer session for the Nation was conducted by Pastor Sydney Diala (who is also a Nollywood Legend) and a short exhortation was also delivered by him. The third and final Prayer session for the Nation was conducted by the wife of the Ona of Abaji in the company of the Leader of the Disabled Community Karonmajigi.

The Medical Outreach kicked off in full gear, with various medical checks by medical personnel from the FCT-PHCB. The various test carried out include: Blood Pressure, Malaria test, Diabetics test, etc.

Finally, there was presentation of souvenir and palliative by the Emerald team to all participants who received them with excitement and gratitude. The program ended with a closing remark by the President of the Foundation, who presented a cash gift to the oldest participant, Talatu Adalkhali, a 97-year-old woman from Kuje Area Council. This was followed by a dance session with the participants and the President of the Foundation and group photographs.


There is now clear evidence linking loneliness with a range of physical and mental illness– including depression, dementia, and cardiovascular disease.  In 2023 the US Surgeon General issued a formal advisory on the threat of social isolation and in the UK analysis by the Campaign to End Loneliness demonstrated that over half a million more people are experiencing chronic loneliness in the UK than before the pandemic. Social disconnection was on the increase before the pandemic: our sense of belonging to a neighbourhood and our positive engagements with neighbours has been declining over the past decade. Levels of loneliness have always been highest among younger and older age groups – but rates of loneliness among young people are increasing alarmingly – people aged 16 to 29 are now twice as likely to be chronically lonely than

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Emerald Elderly Care Tops Best Organizations That Help Seniors

Everyone could use a little support, and fortunately for older adults, there are caring organizations across the country designed to help you live life to the fullest! When it comes to support for seniors, older adults can benefit from nonprofits in a number of ways — from assistance with access to nutritious food, support for veterans, finding the perfect pet and more.

If you’re interested in organizations that help senior citizens, but aren’t sure where to start, this is the guide for you.

1. Emerald Elderly Care and Development Foundation

Emerald provides nutritious meals to seniors nationwide. They actively help seniors who have a hard time leaving their homes or cooking for themselves, improving the health and quality of life of the seniors they serve.

Their mission goes beyond ensuring older adults have access to healthy food. One of the nonprofit’s main goals is to support seniors to extend their independence and health as they age. Meals on Wheels is serving love (and lunch!) directly to seniors across America.

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Synopsis of Ageing

Ageing is a gradual, continuous process of natural change that begins in early adulthood. During early middle age, many bodily functions begin to gradually decline.

People do not become old or elderly at any specific age. Traditionally, age 65 has been designated as the beginning of old age. But the reason was based in history, not biology. Many years ago, age 65 was chosen as the age for retirement in Germany, the first nation to establish a retirement program. In 1965 in the United States, age 65 was designated as the eligibility age for Medicare insurance. This age is close to the actual retirement age of most people in economically advanced societies.

When a person becomes old can be answered in different ways:

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What Activities Can a Blind Person Do?

8 Best Activities for Blind Seniors and How Promoting Engaging Activities for the Visually Impaired Can Benefit Senior Health



Do you or someone you love have a vision impairment? Unfortunately, it’s not just you; over half of all blind people in Nigeria are aged 65 or older.

Do you want to know what activities your visually impaired loved one can do? It may seem like there are not many activities for elderly blind persons, but there are more than you’d think.

Despite being blind, many senior citizens still enjoy their favorite activities.

It may take some adaptation and help from you, but that will make the experience more memorable and strengthen your bond.

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Stroke survivors need extra care, guidance, and support during their recovery. Therefore, it is important to monitor the stroke survivor’s health and physical activity, speak positively when giving instructions or offering help, and provide a safe environment by removing any potential hazards in the home. Also, it is important to advocate for the survivor to find appropriate resources for long-term care, if necessary. With these tips, stroke survivors get the benefit of information to improve their post-stroke lifestyles.

Stroke can impact people of all ages, however 2/3ds of stroke survivors are over 65 years of age. As those survivors age many of them will need extra care. Whether you’re just starting to explore options or already have a plan in mind, our goal is always to ensure a safe, comfortable, and satisfying life for our elderly loved ones.

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Look around your immediate environment, there are aged people and conversations with some of them often tilts towards a certain subject matter, which is not far fetch. It is their ascension unto glory.

While we often try to rebuke them from saying or thinking of such, they insist this is a reality that awaits them anytime soon. This reality they speak of is often reinforced by their incessant feelings of illness, some of which are unavoidable as they come with old age.

It is emotional to see your parents go through this process during their last years, days or weeks on earth, there are much more you could do to give them a reason to not only live longer on earth but enjoy every bit of it.

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Drug abuse in Nigeria

Drug abuse not only inflicts personal impacts but also has an immediate impact on people around the addict.
According to a 2018 report by the National Bureau of Statistics, the prevalence of drug use in Nigeria was estimated at 14.4%, affecting approximately 14.3 million people aged between 15 and 64 years. This number had skyrocketed from the 2016 count of 5.6%.

The report further revealed that out of the number of drug abusers, 10,640,000 take cannabis, 4,610,000 are on opioids, 4,608,000 use pharmaceutical opioids like Codeine, Tramadol, and Morphine, 481,000 take cocaine, 2,360,000 use cough syrups, and 481,000 take tranquillizers and sedatives.

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In this post we will be looking at the girl child drop out; the cause and risk factors of girl child drop out from school.

By a way of introduction, generally, in Africa, the causes and effects of female students’ dropouts in schools seems not to have been well researched. Yet, most if not all developing countries in Africa including Nigeria are dramatically affected economically or otherwise, by the ever-increasing female students drop out rate.

The concept of dropout in educational system has aroused interest of many professional academics and the public in general. The term is usually used in schools to refer to those students that leave school without the school’s consent either to another school or to ‘sit’ at home. Those pupils who leave school midway before the final year of their educational cycle in which they are enrolled, which could be primary, secondary or advanced level or even college or university levels. Female student dropout is a serious problem that enormously impact on national development of Nigeria and Africa in general. Looking at the term dropout of school, the seed of dropping out have been imbibed from childhood. Many children fail to find self-respect or self-discipline and capacity to cope with problems in ways that are constructive or have any appreciation on the importance of skills needed for learning.

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Eldercare, also known as care of elderly person, is a service that meets the needs and desires of the elderly. Assisted living, senior daycare, long-term care, nursing facilities, hospice care, and home-based care are all covered.

Eldercare is a type of special care that serves the needs and requirements of the elderly. Although old age is not a factor in senior care, many individuals are concerned about disease and the several restrictions it brings. Some elders can stand on their own two feet, while others require our assistance. It is our job to care for our elders, and how we do so is entirely up to us.

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