Emerald Elderly Care Tops Best Organizations That Help Seniors

Everyone could use a little support, and fortunately for older adults, there are caring organizations across the country designed to help you live life to the fullest! When it comes to support for seniors, older adults can benefit from nonprofits in a number of ways — from assistance with access to nutritious food, support for veterans, finding the perfect pet and more.

If you’re interested in organizations that help senior citizens, but aren’t sure where to start, this is the guide for you.

1. Emerald Elderly Care and Development Foundation

Emerald provides nutritious meals to seniors nationwide. They actively help seniors who have a hard time leaving their homes or cooking for themselves, improving the health and quality of life of the seniors they serve.

Their mission goes beyond ensuring older adults have access to healthy food. One of the nonprofit’s main goals is to support seniors to extend their independence and health as they age. Meals on Wheels is serving love (and lunch!) directly to seniors across America.

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AARP (the American Association of Retired Persons) empowers Americans over age fifty to live their best retirement. The nonprofit offers a paid membership in exchange for membership benefits ranging from exclusive senior discounts, health care options, insurance products and educational programs, just to name a few.

AARP’s website is also an excellent resource for news and information that’s important to older adults like health care, caregiving resources, Social Security and more.

3. Pets For The Elderly Foundation

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation helps seniors find their perfect pet and combat loneliness by making pet adoption easier. The charity pays a portion of pet adoption fees for seniors — so both the elderly and their pets have a forever friend.

They also provide funding to help new senior pet owners pay for veterinarian services, food and any necessary surgeries for their new companions.

4. Second Wind Dreams

The mission of Second Wind Dreams is simple — to change the perception of aging through the fulfillment of seniors.

Second Wind Dreams fulfills the dreams of older adults who live in senior living communities, ranging from simple wishes to the wishes of a lifetime. Examples of fulfilled dreams include a cruise, a makeover with a photoshoot and even a trip or a ride in a fighter jet.

We love this idea because we’re committed to making our residents’ dreams come true! When one of our residents said she was only one state away from her goal of visiting all 50 states, the team at StoryPoint Chesterton knew exactly what to do. We made Audrey’s big dream of visiting all 50 states come true with a trip to Maine.

6. Honor Flight

Honor Flight is a nonprofit that celebrates America’s veterans by inviting them to share in a day of honor at our nation’s memorials – giving them a hero’s welcome every step of the way.

With over 125 hubs across the country, they freely donate their time and talents to coordinate flights, bus trips, welcome home ceremonies and so much more. Their goal is to honor our nation’s heroes with the trip of a lifetime, showing our veterans the appreciation and honor they deserve.

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